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Note: Three Month Update

Note: Three Month Update

Jack has been in my arms for three whole months - I seriously can't believe it. A part of me feels like he has always been a part of our family + the other part feels like it was just yesterday that Cody + I were hightailing it to the hospital. The past three months have been some of the hardest, sweetest, best months of my life. Caring for a tiny human is no joke! But with all of that second guessing, no sleeping, did I brush my teeth today questioning, is a sweet, sweet joy that cannot be matched - or really even described.

So since I won't forget anything, I wanted to write out all of the things I've learned, all the things Jack has learned + all the growing we've done in three months!


Cuddles (PTL I GOT A CUDDLER!), Being held or worn, Bath Time, Playing with his Mobile (seriously had no idea that was going to be the best toy we got), Playing on his Piano Mat, Talking, Laughing, Smiling, Music, Singing, Raspberries (on his belly, not the fruit), Fart Noises, Purring Noises, Sitting Up + Standing Up, Pulling himself up into Standing, Dancing, Being Naked, Being around People (Life of the Party), eating on his hands + his Paci.


Naps (major FOMO), Tummy Time (though he's good at it!), Playing by himself for too long - He would much rather have a conversation, Baby Massage (when we put lotion on him after his bath) + the Carseat (once again unless someone is back there talking to him - he loves people).


We're making eye contact, smiling, laughing, kicking, rolling onto our side unassisted + rolling onto our back or tummy assisted. We can hold our head up all by ourselves for really long periods of time. We can sit and stand assisted (and looooove it). We can go to bed drowsy but awake + put ourselves to sleep (though at 14 weeks this is becoming more of a battle for naps bc he's more aware and would just rather not nap at all). We're sleeping generally 6-8 hours straight at night, though one time we went 10 hours + Mama rejoiced! We can reach and grab our toys + bring them to our mouth. We're basically awesome!


  • When Jack was only a week old, Cody was changing his diaper, and he explosive pooped on him! Cody was having a hernia + I was keeled over laughing. Funniest moment ever STILL.
  • The night Jack woke up in the middle of it and had a hard time sleeping, so I went with him to the Nursery to rock him back to sleep. As he was going to sleep, he just looked up at me and smiled for the longest time. I love it when he does that. 
  • When we took Jack's Easter photos. I've never laughed so hard in my entire life. Cutest bunny ever!
  • When Cody + Jack would dance in the Living Room to rap music. 
  • When Jack had witching hour at 6 weeks old + the only thing that made him calm down was when Dad and I would sing "With You" by Chris Brown.
  • The many, many mornings we would dance to Bruno Mars "That's What I Like" because for some very strange reason, that's the only thing that would make you fall asleep.


  • Mama Instinct > Books: I like literally love to collect information. It makes me feel good. While I was pregnant I read a million books, listened to a million podcasts - it helped me have less fear about pregnancy/birth to have more knowledge. Naturally, once Jack was born I continued the same practice + have probably already read 5-6 parenting books trying to figure out what was best, how to help him sleep, the works. Now I wish I hadn't really read any of them + had just gone with my gut - it was always right! Books and Guidance are good but babies don't go by the rules - so really you have to make up what you're doing as you go - don't second guess yourself - just make the best decision you can at the time!
  • Bedtime/Naptime Routines Work: This is the one thing that I read about that has soooo helped since I have a child with major FOMO. Once I started to integrate the routine, it only took about 1 week for Jack to learn how to put himself to sleep. This is huge when your baby weighs 13 lbs and you're having to jump him around the house for an hour haha. So now we do book, swaddle, white noise + a lullaby for naps. For bed, we do bath, baby massage, pjs, white noise and I nurse him before he goes to sleep. It seems to work well for us now!
  • They're Ever Changing: Babies grow like A LOT in the first trimester! There was honestly not much of a point of attempting to put him on a schedule or routine. As soon as I thought I knew what was going on or had him on a semi-schedule, he would hit a growth spurt, wonder week, developmental milestone + it would all be out the door. I think this is how life will be for like the next 2 years after talking to other mamas - they are constantly growing + so what life looks like for you is just constantly changing. 
  • Take Care of Yourself: When you're running on no sleep and what feels like no time, it can be really easy to go whole days without getting dressed, taking a shower, brushing your teeth. I decided a few weeks in no matter what I was going to take 30 mins for myself every day so I felt like a human lol. Now that I'm back at work, I do get dressed everyday - but I still take my 30 mins at night once Cody gets home to take a long shower + do whatever relaxing I can think of for that night - most of the time just taking like 10 mins to rub my night cream in :)

Well, it's been a whirlwind! Three months has come + gone in literally the blink of an eye. I love being a mom so much! I prayed so hard for Jack when he was in my tummy + that he would have a joyful spirit - that he would know how loved he is by his Dad, me + his Heavenly Father. The Lord so granted my prayers + I have been blessed with a little boy who loves people + loves life. Every morning, he wakes up with squeals + smiles + a personality that sees the day as an adventure ready to be had.

Through the spit-up stained sweatpants + the sleep deprivation, all I really will remember about these three months together were our couch naps, me holding you when you will randomly just look up and smile + our long talks about all the topics under the sun. Jack, you are loved! We're so happy you are ours!

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Note: Cheers to the Mamas!

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