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Note: Welcome to the World, Jack!

Note: Welcome to the World, Jack!

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You guys, I've been a mom for THREE WEEKS. My mind is kind of blown. First of all, that this little boy has been in my arms + not my belly for 21 days. Second of all, that I have been responsible for a tiny human + so far, not been a total + complete failure. 

So today, I want to share Jack's birth story! All throughout pregnancy, I really thought me + Jack's personalities were the same. I decided he loved slow, peaceful mornings (because he was always least active at this time) + that he really got interested in life past 2 PM (I like to say i'm an afternoon person). He grew right on time + carrying him was a complete breeze. I had an amazing pregnancy + was super lucky about that so I always told Cody, "I think Jack is like me + very prompt + will arrive right on his due date." And GUESS WHAT? I was right!

On Friday, January 27th I woke up with some mild cramping + told Cody that I thought we really may be having our baby this weekend. In typical Type-A mode, I then spent the entire day cleaning the house, packing my hospital bag (I'll post about this later) + going to Target for last minute baby necessities. Throughout the day, I was having contractions. Looking back though, this was definitely early labor, because I was able to continue on with my day, laugh, talk, etc. 

When Cody got home from work around 5, we had dinner + my contractions got a little more intense (but still early labor). Because I researched A TON during my pregnancy, I knew that rest was super important for powering through the hard work of bringing a baby into the world so at 9:30, Cody and I went to bed to try to rest up just in case I really did go into full-on labor in the middle of the night.

I woke up at 1:30 AM with more intense contractions. Still early labor, because I could fall back asleep between them until about 2:30 AM when I just couldn't anymore. At that point, Cody and I knew "OMG! JACK'S COMING TODAY!" and we headed into the Living Room to get things going. 

I really wanted to try to labor at home as long as possible. It just seemed easier to me. Home was more comfortable. I could move around in my house how I wanted, eat/drink what I wanted, watch what I wanted + not worry about 100 million people coming in the room at all times. Because my plan was to stay at home, I had loaded up on stuff to help me do just that: funny movies (they say laughter helps cope with pain + I was down for anything that helped), La Croix, Fruit, RX Bars, a Birth Ball (basically just an exercise ball), Epsom Salts for the bath, etc. 

Cody and I hung out in the Living Room until about 8 AM watching The Office + Parks and Recreation. Throughout the morning my contractions continued to get closer together + longer. At about 8 AM, my parents brought us breakfast because I didn't want Cody leaving me + I was definitely not going anywhere in my current state. We continued to deal with contractions at the house whether I was in the bath, walking my backyard, walking the house or bouncing on the birth ball until about 1 PM. At that time, I was super defeated. My contractions would go from 7 minutes, to 5 minutes to 3 minutes and then back to 7. I was extremely worried I was in false labor and in intense pain for no purpose. We called the nurse at my OBGYN practice + she suggested chugging water + taking 2 Tylenol. She said if it was false labor this should make it stop, so we did that and moved back to the couch to wait it out. About an hour later, when we were still confused as to what on earth was happening, I felt a pop + my water broke!

That's when it got crazy. We grabbed our bags, I changed clothes + we rushed off to the hospital. Contractions were 3 mins apart at this point + extremely intense. When we got to the hospital, I'm pretty sure I alarmed everyone there because I could barely walk + had to stop to hold onto railing, doors, etc. as we made our way to the 3rd floor for admission. 

We checked in, changed + the nurse checked me. I was 8 cm dilated! I was in so much pain + had no sleep so I opted to get the epidural. Y'all nothing had ever felt so good! After 12 hours of labor drug free, I felt like a new woman with that epidural + informed the nurses I would be taking a power nap until it was time to push. Haha! We started pushing around 7 PM and pushed for a little over 2 hours. Jack was born at 9:24 PM! 

Throughout my pregnancy, I made it a point to pray about Jack's arrival on a daily basis. I wanted Jack to be born into joy and not the chaos that you see in the movies. Cody and I created a worship playlist to listen to during birth and our Doctor prayed with us before we started pushing + right after Jack was born. I really felt like preparing my heart + mind spiritually to welcome Jack was HUGE in having the birth experience I wanted. When Jack was born, he was peaceful + serene. He let out a few cries but was so calm when the nurses checked him. I loved knowing that his first few moments in his new world where ones of complete joy.

After pushing was over, the Doctor let me pull Jack out and place him on my chest. We sat here for about two hours for skin to skin and nursing and it flew by! Once our skin to skin was over, the nurses moved us up to recovery for Jack to meet all of his family that had been waiting HOURS for him to come!

I loved my birth experience. It was intense, it was hard work and there were a ton of tears shed during the process, but it was so, so worth it, once I held Jack in my arms. I cannot rave enough about my OBGYN practice, Doctor Adcock who delivered Jack, the Labor + Delivery Nurses, the Recovery Nurses + everyone who made those three days in the hospital so perfect. I also can't rave enough about my husband who was my biggest supporter + encourager. He talked me through each contraction, told me I could do it when I really thought there was just no way + who loved me every step of the way of the process. 

Jack, we love you! We are so happy you have made us a family + we can't wait to watch you grow. 

Note: Jack's Nursery

Note: Jack's Nursery

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