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Note: Little Adventurer Invitations

Note: Little Adventurer Invitations

Hi Friends!

This is my sister, Caley. Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? Not only is she straight out of a magazine adorable, but she's also insanely talented, creative + generous with her time + love. That's all you can ask for in a sister, am I right? 

When she found out I was pregnant with Jack, she immediately started working on invitations for the baby shower. I knew they would be awesome, because everything Caley touches is unique + perfect, but when I saw the finished product I was literally BLOWN AWAY! From the watercolored trees, to the hand-lettered envelopes, there is nothing not 100% gorgeous about these invitations, and I knew I wanted to feature them on the blog! If you have an event coming up where you need some killer graphic design, or maybe you're a newbie to the design world + want to try your hand at something like this, check out the Q&A below where Caley talks about the design process, from start to finish!

How did you go about getting the idea + inspiration for this particular invitation? 

I looked online at different websites to get ideas of shower themes, etc. My personal favorite is 100 Layer Cakelet - instead of weddings (like 100 Layer Cake) they focus on baby showers + all things baby, so that's where I decided on a theme for adventure. 

Once you had inspiration + a theme, what was your first step in designing the Little Adventurer Invitation?

I sketched out what I thought I wanted the invitation to look like. I did maybe three sketches before I had the final sketch. Once I had the final sketch, I started to think about how I could make my idea for the invitation come to life.

What was your next step in the design process?

I went into Adobe Illustrator + started working with fonts to see which ones I liked that fit the Little Adventurer theme. I knew that I wanted to watercolor the trees in the sketch because of the overall look I was going for and that Adobe Photoshop wouldn't have the kind of brush I needed, so I decided to paint the trees on watercolor paper. I did a few different variations of trees and then using a high-quality scanner, scanned the watercolor into my computer. Once I had the trees on my computer, I uploaded into Adobe Illustrator + chose four different trees from my watercolor that I liked the best to use sporadically in the design. 

Did you hand-letter the invitation, or is the invitation all fonts that you found online?

I used fonts for the actual invitation. I used Carolyna Pro Black for the calligraphy font + Brandon Grotesque for the rest of the invitation (my favorite sans serif font).

How did you go about printing the invitations?

I printed in-house using paper + envelopes I ordered from Paper Source. I ordered the 8.5 x 11 Luxe Cover Weight Paper in White and the A6 PS Collection Envelopes in Paper Bag. I printed (2) invites per sheet of paper + then took to Kinkos to have cut into 4x6. 

Something to note about printing in-house, if your paper has texture, it will be more difficult to print on. Fewer home printers can print on a highly-textured paper, so check your printer before you order a large quantity of textured paper.

If someone was interested in hiring you for graphic design, how would they go about contacting you?

I do all types of graphic design on the side - invitations, digital invitations, event posters, logos, etc. To contact me, email is best at caley.goins@gmail.com.


Well that's it my friends! I hope you enjoyed this Q+A and if you have a baby shower coming up, check out the free printable Little Adventurer Invite Caley designed below!

Free Little Adventurer Download

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